Style Spotlight: The Softest, Most Durable Blanket


I have always been a blanket girl. As my mom can attest, wherever I was, “blankie” was never far behind. At a young age, I developed a major attachment to soft, cozy blankets — not just to snuggle with at night, but basically to wrap myself in anywhere and everywhere I could (on the couch, in the car…you name it!).

At my own house, I had a beautiful handmade crocheted blanket that my grandmother, who I affectionately call Nonni, made for me at birth. At my Nonni’s house, the “unicorn blanket,” an ultra plush blue blanket with a drawing of a unicorn on it was a must-have for my visits there. And now, much later in life, I always request the “bear blanket” in the guest room we sleep in at my in-law’s house! Obsessed with blankets? Yes, I am.


So, as you can imagine, when I learned about the New England-based blanket company, ChappyWrap, which is run by a mother-daughter team who were inspired to start the company because of their own love affair with cozy blankets, I knew I had to have one. And now, here we are less than a year later, and I own four! I know it sounds crazy, but once you have one ChappyWrap in your home, you immediately want another…and another…basically, one for every room and person in your household.


So, what makes ChappyWrap so special? A few things! The blankets are incredibly well-made, utilizing a high-quality, all-natural cotton that is both exceptionally warm but still breathable. For example, we bring them on our roof deck for breezy summer nights and they block the wind perfectly while still keeping us at a comfortable, not-too-hot temperature. If the blanket gets dirty, you can easily throw it in the washing machine and dryer and they won’t pill or feel any less soft — we’ve brought them to the beach and had them covered in sand and dirt, and wash after wash, they still look like new! The size of the original ChappyWrap blanket is very generous, measuring in at 60″ x 80″, and easily covering the top of a queen bed. Finally, many of the blankets are reversible, so you can enjoy two beautiful Jacquard woven designs in one!


If you’re in the market for a new blanket, now is a great time to check out ChappyWrap and bring one home. After 10+ years in business, the brand just launched a refreshed look alongside 26 new designs (the Brant Point Blues Blanket and Classic Yellow Stripe are my personal favorites from the latest collection) and two new blanket sizes (the Midi, perfect for toddlers and small children, and the Mini, an essential for your stroller). Ranging in price from $55.00 (mini) to $135.00 (original), the blanket is definitely an investment piece, but I can personally attest, you can put a price on coziness.,
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FYI – this is not sponsored, I just simply love this brand and want others to enjoy it!

Outfit Details:

Sweater: J.Crew Point Sur Open-Stitch Sweater

White Jeans: J.Brand Mid-Rise Crop Jeans

Blanket: ChappyWrap Brant Point Blues

Photos by @TheLyleStevens


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