5 Work From Home Essentials

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While there have been many life changes associated with the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest adjustments for me is working from home. As a public relations and social media director at an integrated agency in Boston, my pre COVID-19 work days were spent in an office, running from meeting to meeting with colleagues and clients. Since the middle of March, my office began to work remotely as result of the virus, and I’ve updated my routine to fit the “new normal” – i.e.: my dog wanting constant attention (especially when I am on video calls!), trying to strike a balance of wearing professional, yet comfortable clothing, and keeping my inner peace amidst all of the changes and uncertainty.

There are a few items that have become daily go-to’s for me while I navigate working from home, so I wanted to round them up in case they could be useful for someone else who is also adjusting to this new WFH life. What are some of the items that you are gravitating towards while being home 24/7? Please share!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!

work from home style, the-alyst.com

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chappywrap, the-alyst.com
chappywrap, the-alyst.com
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birdies, the-alyst.com
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farmaesthetics, anthropologie candle, the-alyst.com

5 Comforting Work from Home Essentials

Dudley Stephens Turtlenecks 

Is it bad that I don’t want the weather to warm up while I’m still working from home because I don’t know what I’ll wear on a daily basis?! I’ve been a longtime Dudley Stephens fan, but I have a whole new appreciation for this line of comfortable yet chic fleece separates because they are literally the BEST thing to wear while working from home. My co-workers have been joking that they look forward to seeing via Zoom which color Park Slope or Cobble Hill turtleneck I am wearing each day because they are in heavy and constant rotation. The signature funnel neck is the perfect way to dress up your WFH style while still keeping you cozy, comfy, and effortless. While the price point is a bit higher, I promise you that you’ll be living in these pieces, especially while staying inside. If you’re a first time customer, please email me, and I can send you a $20 off code :)

ChappyWrap Blanket

ChappyWrap is a New England based brand that makes incredibly soft and durable high quality blankets and my gray and white polka dot ChappyWrap has been a staple on my couch since I’ve been home. During my early morning conference calls, I am almost always underneath my ChappyWrap, staying oh-so-cozy as I start my day. I have a ChappyWrap blanket for both my living room and my bedroom and one of things I love the most about them is that I can easily throw the blankets in the washer and dryer and they come out as soft and clean as before! During this unprecedented time, I want to feel comforted and these blankets do an amazing job of making your “home office” as cozy as possible.

Birdies Slippers

I love my Birdies! These incredibly comfortable and stylish flats are dual outdoor/indoor shoes, making them the perfect WFH “slipper.” I own the cheetah calf hair Starling style, which resembles a loafer, but I’ve also been eyeing the Songbird mule because of its fun, feminine vibe (…keeping them on my wish list for post-Corona quarantine, as I have been trying not to shop!). Birdies tout themselves as offering seven-layers of comfort, and as someone who is very picky about my flats needing to be comfortable enough to walk around the city, I can attest to these being super cushy. Wear them inside, wear them outside  — you choose!

Anthropologie Candle 

I picked up this candle at my local Anthropologie store a few weeks before the quarantine went into effect and I’m so thankful I did because I’ve been burning it repeatedly while working from home. I adore the super cute and functional cloche cover, but the warming scent of Fig and Vetiver is what sold me. I love burning candles to not only create ambiance, but also peacefulness and this one definitely does the trick. My other favorite candle for home is Diptyque’s Feu de Bois, which smells like a burning fireplace in the best way possible. I’ve been rotating between these two for the ultimate mix of at-home fragrances.  P.S. How cute is the “Bonjour” plate I also bought at Anthropologie during the same shopping trip?!

Farmaesthetics Products

This Rhode Island based 100% natural skincare company is a fixture in my bathroom. I have a diverse array of their products and love each one! Two of my current favorites during the quarantine are the Hand to Heel Softening Salve and Deep Lavender Rub. With my obsessive hand washing and cleaning, my fingers and knuckles are taking a beating, so I am constantly reapplying small amounts of the Salve to them during the day (a little goes a long way) and then layering it on my hands for night. The Lavender Rub is an instant de-stressor and I personally enjoy putting it on my temples and wrists whenever I’m feeling a little anxious. It also works wonders if you are feeling a bit under the weather and need something to help ease your congestion.


Outfit Details:

Sweater: Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill in Mint Green

Headband: Pearl Beaded Headband 

Jeans: J Brand White Skinny Jeans

Shoes: Cheetah Calf Hair Loafer


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