Where to Buy Stylish Stationery Online

Sugar Paper

All of my friends and family know that I am an avid fan of sending (and receiving!) snail mail. Sure, emails are quick, easy, and get the job done, but for me, there’s a heightened level of sincerity when you go one step further and drop a handwritten note in the mail.

While I have a rather obsessive collection of stationery for every type of card-sending scenario (i.e. thank you cards, monogrammed cards, male-appropriate cards, cards fitting for a professional setting, etc.), you really only need one quality set of stationery to get started.

Over the years, I’ve received many compliments on my selection of stationery, so I thought I would share my favorite online sites to buy notecards. If you can instantly brighten someone’s day by jotting a quick, thoughtful note, why not?! Snail mail for the win!

maydesigns, the-alyst.com
The Atelier notecards, the-alyst.com

The A-Lyst for Buying Stylish Stationery Online

the-alyst.comSugar Paper

Letterpress lovers unite! This site is my stationery dream…ultra feminine, high quality card stock, foil envelope liners, and gorgeous, simplistic designs. The price point is high, but this paper really makes an impression on the recipient. Their “Merci” cards are one of my top picks!

May Designs

Beyond purchasing notecards for myself, this site is one of my favorite places to buy gifts for friends, especially brides-to-be! Who doesn’t love 100% personalized stationery? You pick the card design, color scheme, and liner pattern, and top it off with a monogram!


This is the perfect marriage between beautiful foil designs and personalization. While the inventory is small, this site allows you to customize beautiful cards with your name, initial, or monogram to create an elegant final product. Additionally, while you’re shopping for cards, be sure to check out the gorgeous foil art prints.

The Atelier

I am beyond in love with the chic, fashion-forward artwork that’s featured on this stationery. If I could, I would buy them all! Designer/Illustrator Melissa Noucas creates such fun designs and I love that you have the ability to personalize many of them.

Crane & Co.

The quality is always outstanding, and in my opinion, Crane represents your classic “thank you card after an interview” kind of stationery. There are varying price points and personalization options, and Crane & Co. cards will never go out of style!

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